Carpet Repair

At Steamatic, we offer a variety of carpet repair services that will extend the life of your carpet.

Carpet Stretching

As carpet ages, it may stretch on the floor, causing unsightly wrinkles, ridges or bumps.  Steamatic repair technicians can help! Using our advanced technology, we’ll re-stretch the carpet to the room, trim any excess, and secure it to the tack strip to ensure a smooth surface. Carpet stretching not only improves the look of your carpet, but also removes safety hazards that could cause accidental trips or falls, and it can increase the life of the carpet.

Carpet Patching

Certain products like bleach or wine, cigarette burns and other mishaps can cause stains that are not easily removed. However, before you rearrange your furniture or go to the expense of replacing your entire carpet, let Steamatic help. Often these spots can be repaired through the process of carpet patching.

Using a new patch of carpet from a less conspicuous area, like a closet floor, our technician will replace the damaged area using techniques and tools that allow it to blend in, leaving your carpet looking like new again.

Seam Repair

Over time, carpet seams can become worn and start to separate. Avoid costly carpet replacement and let Steamatic provide you with professional seam repair. Our certified technicians will assess the damage and determine the right care plan to get your carpets looking great again.

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