Commercial Hard Surface Cleaning

Most properties have multiple flooring materials such as marble, ceramic tile and hardwood. Just like carpet, tile and grout, stone and hardwood flooring can show embedded dirt and traffic patterns that require professional cleaning to remove. Steamatic provides cleaning of multiple hard surfaces with state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products.

Bathroom Floor & Counter Top Cleaning
Public restroom floors are one of the greatest traffic areas, and unfortunately, most contaminated places in any commercial building. Regular professional cleaning can mitigate harmful stain and bacteria build-up.


A Solution for Every Surface: Steamatic offers state-of-the-art equipment and surface appropriate cleaning products for ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, stone, marble, granite, hardwood, walls and all types of grouts.

Not Just Clean—Sealed: Grout can retain residues and is susceptible to permanent staining. Steamatic technicians cannot only clean grout but seal it from staining, allowing for superior cleanings in the future.

Experience Counts: In over 35 years, we’ve seen and cleaned nearly every surface in a facility. Not sure what to use on a particular surface on your property? Ask us!