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Looks Good. Smells Good. That’s The Steamatic of Kansas City Difference.

Next, to your carpet, your furniture gets the toughest workout. Ground-in dirt, spills, odors, pet dander, and dust can make the upholstery look dull and aged. Professional cleaning by Steamatic of Kansas City can breathe new life into your furnishings and draperies.


    Refresh your home and enjoy clean materials, fresh odors, and peace of mind. Find out how our premier upholstery cleaning service in Kansas City can thoroughly clean your furniture and other upholstery in your home. Whether you’re looking for powerful cleaning and spot removal for a tough stain or routine furniture maintenance, discover the Steamatic of Kansas City difference.

    Furniture Cleaning in Kansas City

    Furniture requires specialized cleaning solutions. Without careful cleaning strategies, you may damage your furniture or have trouble removing a stubborn stain. Say goodbye to those tough stains with our innovative furniture and upholstery cleaning process. Here are the basic steps of our furniture cleaning and how we use extreme care with your lightweight or fragile upholstery.

    First, we pre-treat heavily stained spots. Our unique blend of stain-fighters is safe for your family and your furniture. This process prepares your couch, chair, or loveseat for powerful extraction.

    Next, hot water extraction pulls dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants out of the material. This process powerfully cleans your materials for a fresh scent and feel. This process isn’t recommended for all furniture, however, since some lightweight fabrics and upholstery may be at risk of damage.

    Our patented LAMBRITE process uses dry cleaning to safely treat lightweight and sensitive fabrics. We’re experienced with sensitive products, so our technicians will ensure you enjoy reliable cleaning that won’t damage your prized furniture.

    We post groom all furniture and upholstery as needed when we finish as well, especially if we are applying protector.

    No matter which process we choose, we’ll work with you to ensure you understand our cleaning strategy. We inspect your furniture and choose a process that won’t risk damage, but will rejuvenate your furniture and your home. Choose a quality service provider who understands the specific furniture and upholstery techniques necessary to refresh and maintain your belongings.

    Drapery Cleaning

    Furniture isn’t the only surface that can be difficult to clean without professional assistance. We have cleaning techniques for your drapery as well, so you can enjoy full-service restoration. Remove stains, allergens, and other debris from lightweight fabrics and priceless curtains for a comfortable clean.

    Just like your chairs and couches, we match our services to your specific drapery material. Cautious inspection and gentle cleaning ensure your curtains won’t tear, fade, or otherwise become compromised due to our cleaning techniques. Discuss your allergen and contaminant concerns and work with us to come up with a plan of action for comprehensive maintenance of all your hard and soft surfaces throughout your home.

    Improved Air Quality in Your Home

    Cleaning your furniture is about far more than stain removal. Dust mites, dander, bacteria, and other airborne allergens and contaminants can live in your furniture. After thoroughly cleaning your carpet, don’t let those same contaminants live on in your couch or chair.

    Removing contaminants from your furniture and carpet can make a big impact on your indoor air quality. Combined with a quality air filter or an air duct cleaning service, you can enjoy refreshing air that’s free from many of the airborne allergens that live in most homes.

    Whether you have heirloom furniture or you’ve just purchased a new sofa, be sure you can enjoy a safe, healthy place to gather with your family. Some contaminants are obvious, while others are difficult to see. When you sit on a dusty couch or chair, airborne allergens can spread throughout your living room or home.

    Flexible Cleaning Solutions

    Don’t rearrange your home or upset your schedule to enjoy comprehensive cleaning. Our innovative services and skilled technicians can clean your home without moving furniture or requiring you to move out. A thorough cleaning is quick and easy and, when scheduled every six months, can dramatically extend the lifetime of your furniture.

    If you need full-service cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. Part of our flexible cleaning solution is comprehensive dust, debris, and allergen removal. If you need mold removal, dehumidification, or other services, our team has the experience and capabilities you need.

    In the event of a disaster, turn to our remediation services. Wind, hurricane and tornado restoration, fire and smoke restoration, and water damage restoration services can help you save your furniture and upholstery that would otherwise be lost.

    Professional Clean Your Upholstery

    Since 1948, Steamatic has been an innovative force in home cleaning and restoration. Our uncompromising standards enable us to lead the way in full-service contaminant removal after a disaster or as routine maintenance of your home. Choose a service provider who has a solid track record of working with homeowners in your area and throughout the country.

    Vacuuming or wiping down your furniture isn’t sufficient to remove all the dust, debris, and bacteria. These home remedies may also damage certain fabrics and finishes. Request a cleaning service today online or call 816-421-3393 to enjoy furniture cleaning in Kansas City. Whether you have a stain that won’t come out or you’re looking for a cleaning service to keep your furniture alive for years to come, enjoy full-service cleaning by Steamatic of Kansas City.

    The Steamatic Difference

    Technology: The same hot-water extraction cleaning system that works so well on carpet can be used with phenomenal results on durable fabric upholstery.

    Flexibility: Conveniently, furniture and draperies can be cleaned in place without being removed from your home. Steamatic of Kansas City recommends a professional cleaning every six months to extend the life of your furnishings.

    Care for Delicate Fabrics: Steamatic of Kansas City offers our LAMBRITE® dry cleaning process to safely clean even the most delicate fabrics. Soil and stains are gently lifted out and your furnishings and draperies are dry within minutes.


    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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